Welcome to the inaugural post of the new ARLIS/NA Teaching SIG blog! We’re very excited to finally open up this resource for ARLIS members to share their teaching expertise year-round—and hopefully for many years to come. Let’s start by answering a few questions.

What is this?:
The Teaching SIG blog will serve as an informational hub for the ARLIS Teaching Special Interest Group. We’re planning to start out with an “Intro to Instruction” series of posts spread out over several months, covering many of the fundamentals of teaching in librarianship. Though many of these will be written by the blog team, we are very interested in sharing content from other members of the Teaching SIG! Be on the lookout on the Teaching SIG listserv for calls for submissions. Topics can range from general introductions to instruction concepts to best practices to write-ups of individual activities you’ve used. If you’re not sure, feel free to pitch us the idea!

We’ll also be using the blog to share relevant news—both inside and outside the group. We’d love to collect news or new research relevant to art information literacy instruction here, so if you’ve found something you think would be valuable for the group to see, feel free to submit that, too.

Finally, of course, the blog will feature announcements and news about the Teaching SIG, including upcoming conference meetings and sessions.

So, who are you and how do I submit content?:
Currently, the blog team is:

  • Anna Boutin-Cooper, Research & Visual Arts Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College
  • Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian at UNC Wilmington
  • Carol Ng-He, Exhibits Coordinator at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

To submit a blog post, simply respond to calls for submissions on the Teaching SIG listserv. (To join the listserv, send an email to imailsrv@arlisna.org with “subscribe teaching_sig” in the body of the message—the subject of the message is ignored.)

If you’ve found news or relevant research that you think would be worth sharing on the blog, feel free to email the SIG coordinator any time at esclippa [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

For now, we’d love to get a sense of what you, our audience and fellow Teaching SIG members, would like to see from this blog. Please respond to the poll below, but also feel free to add comments on this entry, particularly if your interests are not reflected in the poll.

We’re excited to embark on this project, and excited to hear from you soon!

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