By Eva Sclippa What is your name? Where are you in the field currently? What has been your teaching experience thus far? My name is Eva Sclippa; I’m currently First Year Engagement Librarian at UNC Wilmington, but the lesson plan I’m sharing today is from my time at Alfred University. In my role there, I coordinated and taught the information literacy sessions for the art history students, as well as for some studio classes. Though it is no longer art-specific instruction, even more of my time is now spent in the classroom, as I coordinate, schedule, and teach many of the one-shot sessions for First Year Seminar students here, as well as a for-credit course in the spring semesters called LIB 103: IntroductionRead More →

Destroying Images Research Paper Prep Session By Anna Boutin-Cooper What is your name? Where are you in the field currently? What has been your teaching experience thus far? I’m Anna (pronounced AH-na), and I’m currently the Research & Visual Arts Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College (F&M) in Lancaster, PA. My position is essentially a traditional liaison role, mainly focused on the arts, and I have the opportunity to perform many different tasks, including instruction, cataloging zines, and working with special and digital collections. I recently obtained my MLIS in 2016, and this is my first full-time permanent librarian position, so I’m still pretty new to the field. I have had a wide range of teaching experience in my past, including the usualRead More →