April 15, 2019

SLC Conference Recap: Meeting Minutes


Annual Conference Meeting – March, 2019

  • DISCUSSION: What would you most like from this SIG?
    Participants listed a variety of services and values the Teaching SIG could provide, including innovative pedagogy, a space to share successes and failures, lesson plans, syllabi, and instructional tools, a place to test out ideas, discuss, and brainstorm, and an opportunity to collaborate with other SIGs. The ideas of collaborating with the Critical Librarianship SIG and RISS were mentioned. Members expressed an interest in working with the Critical Librarianship SIG to support the application of crit lib in to pedagogy, and with RISS to explore the new visual literacy competencies built on the Framework.
  • DISCUSSION: What would you most like out of the Teaching SIG Blog?
    Members voiced some questions over what the quality threshold is for sharing something on the blog rather than in discussion. Curriculum mapping was identified as a topic of interest for future blog posts, as well as a continuation of the lesson plan and instruction best practices series.
  • DISCUSSION: Communication Planning
    After some discussion, SIG members agreed that it would be valuable to have a Teaching SIG Slack Channel to use for more casual conversation within the membership. This will be used for sharing ideas, brainstorming, and general intragroup collaboration, while the listserv and blog will continue to be used for more formal announcements and writing series.
  • DISCUSSION: Future SIG Events
    • Virtual Meetings
      Members agreed that it would be valuable to have two virtual meetings/mini conferences each year, to supplement our meetings at the annual ARLIS/NA conference and provide more opportunities for communication and collaboration.
    • Potential topics for future conference sessions:
      • Faculty-librarian collaboration
      • Feminist pedagogy/critical librarianship (collaboration with SIG)
      • Writing learning objectives and creating activities based on them
      • Peer observation and feedback
      • Creating a community of practice around teaching
      • Odd one out/outlier instruction methods (how to deal with NOT having colleagues doing similar work)
  • Other Projects: lesson plan repositories
    • Anna Boutin-Cooper will lead the formation of a group of volunteers working to compile a list of quality online repositories of lesson plans, activities, assessments, rubrics, and other relevant instructional materials.
  • DISCUSSION: Current issues in library and information literacy instruction
    For the rest of the meeting, participants shared some of their current instruction struggles, or discussed topics that were of particular interest to them. Topics included:
    • Learning about new activities, including collaborations and work with student workers
    • Peer observation and support
    • Framing instruction for publication; hosting informal presentations to receive feedback was suggested
    • Instruction support in general; suggested solutions included informal sharing sessions several times per semester, monthly instruction meetings, and visits from theater faculty to discuss how to read and use the room
      • Book recommendation: Acting Techniques for Library Instruction
    • Adaptation of new technology and how to implement and use it, including tools like StoryMap JS
    • Teaching without an assignment or in a situation with varied research rigor
      • Research race exploring library resources (about 6 stages, 2 are bonuses for those who finish faster)
      • Instagram tour
      • Twine – choose your own adventure

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