May 11, 2020

Spring 2020: Virtual Meeting


April 23, 2020 | 12:00PM-1:00PM EST

In lieu of the cancelled conference, the Teaching SIG held their conference meeting virtually via Zoom.


  • Present: 45 attendees, including current SIG Co-Moderators Anna Boutin-Cooper and Eva Sclippa.


  • Frequency:
    • Originally suggested that we do a fall/winter, and spring/summer, but how often can we actually do this?
    • This year, we did: two per year — one in the summer, one for annual conference.
    • Liv — suggested that another time apart from the annual conference would be nice
    • Stephanie Beene — would Teaching SIG be interested in joining with other SIGs/groups for another mini-conference
    • Yes, definitely! Mentioned collaboration with CritLib SIG idea, but we could include multiple other SIGs.
    • Shari Salisbury — more informal types of virtual meetings? Like chats, discussions?
    • Stephanie Beene/Comments section — Twitter chat (which both CritLib and Diversity have done before), U.S. system different than CA academic system
    • Overall, 1-2 more formal events, plus potential informal events like chats
    • Interest in some sort of session before fall semester
    • See Chat Transcript for further comments.
  • Future Topics:
    • Still interest in doing collaboration with CritLib SIG
    • OER work, collaboration with RISS/RES and Academic Division
    • Remote/virtual teaching
    • Object-based learning
    • Studio instruction in a new online environment — at a hands-on level, not administrative or high-level
    • Platform-agnostic discussions
    • Engagement and participation in remote instruction, while respecting privacy.


  • Preferred Content:
    • Currently: Intro to Teaching, Lesson Plans, Book Reviews, etc.
    • Going Forward?
      • a) Multiple attendees noted how helpful Courtney Baron’s ebook post was
      • b) No other major discussion about topic ideas.
  • Volunteers:
    • Thank you to Carol Ng-He for her work with Eva & Anna on the blog!
    • One volunteer for the blog — Jenna Dufour — will be in touch with Eva & Anna
    • Courtney Baron put out call for tips for remote instruction, which will be compiled into a blog post
  • Schedule:
    • Currently once per month or so.
    • No comments on schedule from attendees.


Topics and formats of interest?

  • Collaboration with CritLib SIG?
  • Update for this year’s panels and workshops:
    • a) Framework panel interested in virtual presentation, waiting to hear back.
    • b) Teaching workshop, TBD — interest in next year’s conference.
  • Interest in collaboration with Exhibitions SIG, from Carol Ng-He


Remote Instruction:

  • Questions:
    • a) How has your teaching been impacted by COVID-19? What has your virtual classroom looked like?
    • b) Are there any tips or strategies that you’ve used to help students feel more comfortable in your virtual classroom?
    • c) Has DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) intersected with your virtual classrooms at all, in terms of content & strategies?
  • Emilee Matthews shared out about a series of remote film screenings via Zoom, not tied to classes, with discussions with experts after the screening.
  • Patricia Gimenez — SCAD — tutorials and sessions online, but generally low turnout
  • Kim Collins — created five videos on finding electronic resources, searching JSTOR, using Zotero, etc. Put in libguide to have students watch them before the Zoom meeting. Suggested the creation of a portal where Teaching SIG members could go where everyone posts their videos that they’ve been making, for reference.
    • a) Patricia Gimenez followed up — where to house these videos? Could use Blackboard Collaborate, but you have to have an account.
  • Courtney Hunt — youtube videos, channel for videos.
  • See Chat Transcript for further chat discussion.

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