In December of 2020, the Teaching SIG hosted our first lightning talk event as a way for Teaching SIG members to gather and learn from each other in this virtual environment. We had a total of five presenters, each of whom spoke about the ways in which their approach to teaching has changed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read on for brief summaries of each presenter’s talks, and click here for a recording of the session in its entirety. Patricia Gimenez, Research & Instruction Librarian at the Savannah College of Art & Design In her presentation, Patricia spoke about ways in whichRead More →

Hello and happy new year, all! The Teaching SIG is organizing and sponsoring a session for the 2021 ARLIS/NA annual conference focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in art information literacy instruction. Though DEI work has always been critical, the events of the past year have clarified the urgency of addressing systemic inequity in our teaching. The ways we teach about finding and using information and understanding art; the subjects we use in our classrooms; and the way we structure our learning experiences can all have a significant impact on our students and our field. The Teaching SIG is seeking speakers who have meaningfully engagedRead More →

Well, the fall semester is finally over! We know that this past fall was a challenge for us all, though not everyone had quite the same experience. With this in mind, the Blog Team sent out a survey to all Teaching SIG members, asking how your fall semester went in your own words. Overall, respondents (15) had a mix of experiences, with some common trends. Let’s explore them a bit together. By your estimate, did your teaching load increase, decrease, or stay the same during the fall 2020 semester? Answers to this question were split pretty evenly, with the majority stating that their instruction largelyRead More →