Teaching SIG Annual Meeting | Monday, May 3rd, 2021


I. Introductions: Eva, Anna, and Rebecca Price
II. Poll for the Winter Meeting
III. Helpful Teaching Resources
IV. Blog Discussion
V. Future Conference Session Topics

Meeting slides are available at this link.

Image of the first slide of the Teaching SIG Meeting presentation. Text reads: “Teaching SIG Annual Meeting, Monday, May 3rd, 3:ooPM EST.”


Teaching SIG Co-Coordinators

Eva Sclippa
First Year Engagement Librarian at UNC Wilmington

Anna Boutin-Cooper
Research & Visual Arts Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College

New Vice President/President-Elect of ARLIS/NA

Rebecca Price
Architecture, Urban Planning, and Visual Resources Librarian at the University of Michigan

Poll for the Winter Meeting

Results from the Poll Everywhere regarding the Winter Meeting. Please read on for a text summary of the results.

Overwhelmingly, Teaching SIG members voted to continue our lightning talks, with 73% of attendees responding positively. There was a smaller number for options B and C — 15% wished to see longer presentations from 2-3 speakers, and 12% wanted to see a networking or social event. No responses were given for option D, which asked that attendees contact Eva & Anna with other ideas. Eva & Anna received no emails from attendees with further suggestions.

Helpful Teaching Resources

A screenshot of a Padlet where attendees recorded helpful resources for their virtual teaching practices. Please read on in this post for a text summary of responses, or visit the original Padlet at this link.

Thank you to all who recorded helpful resources on our Padlet! Here is a list of responses that we received:

Blog Ideas & Feedback

We had a productive discussion, both verbally and in the meeting chat, about the Teaching SIG Blog. Eva and Anna were thrilled to hear that folks have been finding the blog useful and engaging. Folks mentioned a few posts in particular that were helpful, including the Introduction to Trauma-Informed Pedagogy post and the DEI in Information Literacy Instruction post. One attendee in particular mentioned that they found the recap of our December lightning talks particularly helpful, and shared it with colleagues at their institution.

Folks mentioned that they appreciate the timeliness of our blog posts, and that they do read the posts when new ones are announced. Attendees mentioned that they’d like to see more of the lesson plan posts, and they singled out the Lesson Plan Series #5: Artstor & Image Keywords as a particularly helpful example.

Thank you to all who shared feedback about the blog! The Blog Team (Eva, Anna, and Jenna) will be discussing your feedback in our next meeting, and we look forward to continuing to provide the blog as an active component of the SIG.

Future Conference Session Topics

We had some great conversation on the topic of future conference sessions as well. Folks mentioned the following ideas:

  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Teaching visual literacy
  • Transitioning from one-shots to more programmatic instruction [+1]
  • Programmatic instruction, especially in studio and design disciplines [+7]
  • Inclusive and trauma-informed pedagogy
  • Developing a community of practice
  • Joining forces with other groups to discuss teaching with primary sources and special collections

Thank you all for your suggestions on future conference session topics! If you are interested in any of the above topics, please feel free to reach out to Eva and Anna. The call for proposals for the 2022 Annual Conference will quickly be upon us, and we’d like to design a session that will be beneficial and informative to the teaching librarians of ARLIS/NA.

Thank you to all who were able to attend our 2021 Annual SIG Meeting! We truly appreciate you all sharing your thoughts and time with us.

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